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Why Does Mold Smell So Bad?

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can form either inside or outside your building. You will most likely know immediately whether you have mold based on the extremely musty odor that accompanies it. This is due to the mycotoxin the mold releases. In addition to removing the mold itself, your property in Lahaina, HI, may also need to undergo mold remediation for the smell.

What Are Mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are substances produced by various types of fungi. While it tends to be musty in nature, there are various other compounds mold can produce, including:

• 3-octanone: Smells fatty and nutty
• Geosmin: Smells earthy
• 1-butanol: Smells like alcohol fermentation
• 2-hexanone: Smells like acetone
• 1-octen-3-ol: Smells meaty

Due to the array of substances mold can produce, it is important to take note if anything smells out of the ordinary around your building. You want to take immediate action because over time, your nose can get used to the smell. You may forget that mold is there, and you do not want mycotoxin to be in your building’s atmosphere for too long.

Why Can the Smell Vary Greatly?

There are a number of factors that impact mold smell. The water source impacts the odor, such as when the water contains waste. Sunlight, room temperature and overall humidity all play huge roles in the smell.

Where Are Places You May Smell Mold?

Some common places where you will smell mold include unused books or a front-loading washing machine. You may also find it inside a refrigerator if it is not often cleaned adequately.

While you may smell mycotoxin and mold around your property, it is paramount not to address only the odor. Getting rid of the smell itself will not solve the problem of mold releasing spores into the air. You will need to hire a professional team to come out to your property to make sure your building is free of all mold.

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