Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

More Help for Wood Floors

Sometimes wood floors need a little more help than just an air mover or two. SERVPRO of Maui uses state of the art equipment to restore your wood floors. A mat ... READ MORE

Drying Equipment and How to Use Them

Any home that suffers a pipe break or supply line leak will need to have SERVPRO of Maui air movers and other drying equipment in their home. These pictures sho... READ MORE

Why does water need to be removed from a home immediately after flooding?

If you home is flooded by a broken pipe, it is critical that you get the water removed immediately. The longer the water sits in your Maui home the more damage ... READ MORE

Maui Home with a Wet Wood Floor

Wood floors are not hard to save if SERVPRO of Maui is on the job. We have the right equipment to remove the water from the wood slats. The main concern with a ... READ MORE

Upstairs Water Damage

The first picture is in a room where the ceiling collapsed. Because of a leaking bathtub o the Second floor. It started raining downstairs and the water destroy... READ MORE

Water Damage and Hoarding in Maui

When a hoarder has a water damage to their home it can be a little bit trickier to have cleaned. Hoarder House Flooding The first step is to put on protective c... READ MORE