Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Quick Mitigation Is Key

No matter what the cause of the moisture problem in your home, if it is left for more than 24 hours, secondary damage can occur. Secondary damage is any damage ... READ MORE

Dealing With Mold

Mold can be very tricky to take care of. You must take care of the moisture problem that is at the root of the mold issue. Moldy material may need to be removed... READ MORE

Mold And Moisture

Mold spores can be present in every home, but you can't see them because they are microscopic. However, when moisture is present, mold can begin to grow quickly... READ MORE

While You Are On Vacation

It happens all the time. People leave and go on vacation and while they are gone, a pipe breaks. That's bad enough right? But because no one is home to know abo... READ MORE

Moldy Cabinets Need Replacing

The mold in these cabinets became a problem in this rental property. Many homes in Maui are rentals or even timeshares which are not used for extended periods o... READ MORE

If I smell a musky odor, does it mean I have mold?

If you notice a musky or weird odor in your home, you could have mold growing in unseen areas. It would be best to get a licensed mold remediation company like ... READ MORE